1. Scope of customer information use

We are committed that customer personal information is confidential and respected. Lyn Hair only uses the information provided by the customer to:

– Provide products and services to customers

– Delivery to the address provided by customer.

– In addition, the information can also be used to contact and deal with customers in special situations.

– Lyn Hair commits to only use customer’s personal information to provide products and related transactions.

  1. Persons or organizations that may have access to customers information

Cases of accessing personal information provided by customers have the following scope:

– Employees in the company use customer information to contact and consult sales, exchange information on warranty policies, and resolve customer complaints if any.

– Partners participating in performing a part of the service in the process of buying and selling, transporting goods such as shipping units or payment intermediaries.

  1. Commitment to customer information confidentiality

We commit that the collection and use of customer information is only done with the consent of that customer. Except in cases related to legal regulations.

+ Do not provide, use, disclose or transfer customer’s personal information to any third party without the consent of the customer.

+ In case the company’s server is hacked leading to the loss of customer information, Lyn Hair will be responsible for reporting the incident to the authorities for timely handling and timely information to customers.

+ We are committed to absolute confidentiality of all customers’ online transaction information, including information about invoices and digitized documents, in the secure central data area.