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The hair market has blossomed in recent years and has become a potential business that attracts many people to invest in. Many beauty, cosmetic and hair businesses have realized that adding hair extensions to their list of products will surely increase revenue, and have sought out the best human hair extensions supplier to stock up on all the different types of hair extensions that are currently in demand.

There are many different types of hair extension, the most popular being: Tape in hair extensions, I-tip hair extensions, U tip hair extensions, V tip hair extensions, Flat tip hair extensions, Clip in hair extensions, Ponytail hair extensions, Halo hair extensions

Whether you’re looking for tape, tip, clip in or ponytail hair extensions to add to your inventory list, Lyn Hair Product will make you happy!

Why should you choose Lyn Hair?

  • 100% human hair, collected from healthy donors, unprocessed before, no egg, no lices.
  • The hair is made by skillful workers with many years experience in hair production and undergo strict process testing to ensure the best hair quality.
  • The strands are aligned with all roots and tips facing the same direction, providing a much smoother and nice appearance.
  • Using high quality keratin imported from Italy, it is easy to attach to the user’s hair.

We hope you are excited to try the best hair extensions in Vietnam!