Top 7 best raw Indian hair vendors – 2024 Update

Top 7 best raw Indian hair vendors

Ranked among the top five quality hair vendors globally, raw Indian hair vendors stand alongside esteemed counterparts like Vietnamese, Chinese, Brazilian, and Peruvian hair vendors. In this exploration, let’s delve into the distinctive features of raw virgin Indian hair and list of seven spotlight best raw indian hair vendors.

1. Overview of raw indian hair vendors

To find the best Indian raw hair vendor, you need to understand the different types of product, hair market, how to find Indian raw hair vendors, and have good negotiation skills to achieve the best results.

First, let’s explore the origin of Indian hair and the production process in Indian hair factories. Understanding the characteristics of this hair will help you easily compare its quality and price with other types.

1.1. Sources of Indian hair

Indian hair is collected from 2 main sources that are Indian hair temple and Indian hair ball.

1.1.1. Indian hair temple

Indian hair temple
Indian hair temple

Raw Indian hair is known for its thick and a little coarse feel, offering longevity and versatile styling options. Donated hair is traditionally offered in temples, particularly in South India, as a way of expressing gratitude to the gods. While it was once common for the hair to be thrown into rivers by temple keepers, it now collects this hair for processing in hair factories. This type of hair is highly valued for its exceptional quality, as it remains unprocessed, retaining its natural texture and color.

1.1.2. Indian hair ball

Indian non remy hair
Indian non remy hair

The term “Indian hair ball” refers to non-remy hair, often sourced from the floor or barber shops. This type of hair is considered of lower quality compared to raw Indian hair. Non-remy hair may be a mix of various hair strands and is typically processed to mimic the appearance of virgin hair. However, caution is advised, as the quality may not match that of authentic virgin hair. It’s essential for consumers to be aware of the distinction between high-quality raw Indian hair and lower-quality non-remy hair when making purchasing decisions.

1.2. Processing of hair factories in India

Most Indian human hair factories lack advanced machinery and manual treatment processes, so their hair quality cannot compete with other countries such as Vietnam, Brazil, China. However, Indian hair is one of the cheapest in the market. Consequently, raw Indian hair is often sold to countries like China for processing and distribution in the global market.

2. Main products of raw indian hair vendors

The variety of Indian hair types can be confusing, so we’ve put together a guide to help you easily understand the main types.

2.1. Popular Types of Indian Hair Extensions from Indian Hair Suppliers

Some of the main products of Indian hair include Indian hair bundles, Indian clip-in hair extensions, Indian tape-in hair extensions, microbead hair extensions, and fusion hair extensions. Let’s take a look at some of the key features of these products.

2.1.1. Indian Hair Bundles:

Also known as weft or sew-in extensions, Indian hair bundles are a popular hair type in India. The hair fibers are horizontally wefted, ranging from 8 to 32 inches. Typically combined with closures or frontals, they create complete wigs or can be sewn close to the natural hairline for styling.

2.1.2. Indian Hair Extensions Clip In:

Similar to bundles, clip-in extensions are designed with hairpins close to the root. This allows users to easily attach or remove them, preventing heaviness on the head during extended use.

Indian Hair Extensions Clip In
Indian Hair Extensions Clip In

2.1.3. Indian Hair Extensions Tape In:

Tape-in extensions, with short woven lengths and a tapered base, are attached to real hair with adhesive tape. Lightweight and popular in India, they offer a comfortable experience.

Indian Hair Extensions Tape In
Indian Hair Extensions Tape In

2.1.4. Microbead Indian Hair Extensions:

Microbead or micro-ring extensions are a permanent type attached discreetly with small beads. As there’s no need for heat or glue, there’s minimal risk of damage to natural hair.

Microbead Indian Hair Extensions
Microbead Indian Hair Extensions

2.1.5. Fusion Indian Hair Extensions:

Fusion extensions, divided into small strands and attached with keratin glue, require heat during attachment. While versatile, there’s a potential risk of damage to natural hair.

Fusion Indian Hair Extensions
Fusion Indian Hair Extensions

2.2. Indian hairstyles from Indian hair vendors

Indian hair vendors offer a variety of hairstyles to suit diverse preferences:

2.2.1. Indian Straight Hair:

Chemically processed for straightness, Indian straight hair bundles are best-sellers due to their versatility and reasonable pricing. They provide a sleek look and are easily styleable for different occasions.

2.2.2. Indian curly hair

With options like pixie curly hair, kinky curly hair, body wave, deep wave, and loose wave, Indian curly wavy hair extensions cater to various tastes and styles, offering flexibility in creating diverse looks.

2.2.3. Indian Hair Braids:

A special style popular in African-American countries, Indian hair braids involve clipping or sewing real hair into natural hair, providing the versatility to achieve a wide range of braided hairstyles.

Indian hairstyles from Indian hair vendors
Indian hairstyles from Indian hair vendors

3. How to find raw indian hair vendors?

Finding a reliable Indian hair supplier can be challenging. To make it easier, start by referring to our free hair vendors list to narrow down your search.
Next, filter the list of Indian hair suppliers by location, product range, and price to find those that best suit your investment needs. It’s worth noting that South India tends to offer coarser hair from temple donations due to regional customs, making it a notable area for sourcing.
While not all South Indian vendors sell high-quality raw Indian hair, this region is known for having suppliers with advanced human hair extension processes, making it a good place to start your search.
Finally, compare the factors of each supplier you’ve identified and select your preferred vendor. To minimize risk, buy samples of hair extensions to review before placing a larger order.

If your curiosity has been piqued by Indian hair, come along with us to discover today’s top 7 Indian hair suppliers.

4. Top 7 best raw indian hair vendors from india

After digging into different sources of information, we’ve picked out the top 7 Indian hair suppliers considering their reputation, the quality of their products, and their pricing.

4.1. Eagle Hair Exporter

Eagle Hair Exporter is a leading wholesaler, manufacturer, and distributor of high-quality Indian human hair. With their own processing factory in Chennai, they specialize in raw temple virgin hair, machine weft hair extensions, and various textures and colors of raw Indian hair. Their products are exported globally to destinations such as UAE, UK, Africa, France, and USA. Committed to quality and customer satisfaction, they offer a range of hair products known for their natural appearance, smooth texture, and tangle-free attributes.

Eagle Hair Exporter
Eagle Hair Exporter

4.2. SG Hair – One of the top raw indian hair vendors in india

Founded in 1977 by Sha Nainmal and Sha Kanniylal , SGI Hair is one of the best raw Indian hair vendors in India, they have evolved from a small family business into an internationally recognized brand in the hair extension industry. With the roots in home-based operations, SGI hair now exports premium human hair extensions to over 15 countries.

Their commitment to quality begins with sourcing the finest raw hair from Indian Hindu temple donations, ensuring top-notch products for customers. Known for their reliability and excellence, SGI Hair strives to build long-term relationships and continually improve their offerings.

SG Hair – One of the top raw indian hair vendors in india
SG Hair – One of the top raw indian hair vendors in india

4.3. Chennai Hair Factory

Founded in 2012, Chennai Hair Factory is a premier manufacturer of high-quality hair wigs and extensions. Under Mr. Shiva’s leadership, the company has built a strong market presence by consistently delivering top-notch products.

With advanced technology and strict quality control, Chennai Hair Factory sources hair from reputable merchants and maintains its quality meticulously. Known for their vibrant shades and perfection, the products are in high demand both in India and internationally.

Chennai Hair Factory - Raw indian wholesale hair vendors
Chennai Hair Factory – Raw indian wholesale hair vendors

4.4. Jaipur Hair -One of the top raw hair vendors in india

Jaipur Hair Co., based in India, is a top manufacturer and exporter of premium Virgin Indian human hair extensions. With over 20 years of experience and factories in Delhi and Hyderabad, they provide high-quality hair sourced from Indian temples.

Serving individuals, salons, stylists, and global distributors, Jaipur Hair Co. offers a wide range of products including machine wefts, bulk hair, clip-ins, and lace frontals. They ensure strict quality control and provide dedicated customer support. Known for competitive pricing, Jaipur Hair Co. delivers luxury hair extensions at affordable rates.

Jaipur Hair -One of the top raw hair vendors in india
Jaipur Hair -One of the top raw hair vendors in india

4.5. Dhwarak Indian Hair – Raw indian hair vendors wholesale

Dhwark Indian Hair is a leading procurer of human hair from temples across South India. They ensure quality by deploying employees to collect and secure hair post-tonsure, maintaining head and tail alignment for remy hair. Each bundle comes from a single donor, with immediate tying to prevent mix-up.
The collected hair is transported biweekly/monthly to their factory in Chennai, India, where it undergoes further processing to create premium hair extensions. Dhwarak Indian Hair is committed to sourcing the finest quality human hair while upholding ethical and sustainable practices.

Dhwarak Indian Hair – Raw indian hair vendors wholesale
Dhwarak Indian Hair – Raw indian hair vendors wholesale

4.6. RM Indian Hair – Wholesale hair vendors in india

Established in 2017 in Chennai, India, RM Indian Hair is a leading manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of high-quality raw Indian hair, Remy hair, Virgin hair, and various hair products including lace frontal hair and closures. Committed to quality and customer satisfaction, RM Indian Hair follows the latest fashion trends and offers a wide range of attractive and stylish natural hair patterns. Under the guidance of Mr. Pawan Kumar, the company has achieved remarkable success, driven by dedication and devotion to fulfilling customer needs.

RM Indian Hair – Wholesale hair vendors in india
RM Indian Hair – Wholesale hair vendors in india

4.7. A.K. Enterprise Hair – Indian hair vendors wholesale

Founded in 2009 in Yamuna Nagar, India, A. K. Enterprises is a leading manufacturer, exporter, and supplier of high-quality human hair products. Known for their lightweight, durability, and comfort, their products are crafted using the latest technology. With a well-structured infrastructure and a skilled team, they ensure smooth operations from raw material procurement to product delivery. Under the expert guidance of Mr. Ashish Chadha, they have gained a competitive edge in the industry, offering timely delivery, ethical practices, and competitive pricing to clients across Indian Subcontinent, East Asia, Middle East, and SouthEast Asia.

A.K. Enterprise Hair – Indian hair vendors wholesale
A.K. Enterprise Hair – Indian hair vendors wholesale

5. Lyn Hair hair factory – #1 competitor of wholesale Indian hair vendors

Lyn Hair factory based in Vietnam specializes in wholesaling 100% pure Vietnamese hair. Known for its competitive prices and excellent customer service, Lyn Hair supplies major global markets, including the US, UK, Russia and Nigeria, in quantities of up to 8 tonnes per month.

Lyn Hair ensures authenticity through a strict selection process, offering a variety of hair types such as bundles, raw bulk hair, fusions, clip in hair, wigs…. Committed to quality, Lynhair guarantees no synthetic hair, tangles or shedding. Lyn Hair Factory is Vietnam’s leading wholesale hair supplier, and the number 1 competitor of raw Indian hair vendors.

Lyn Hair hair factory – #1 competitor of wholesale Indian hair vendors
Lyn Hair hair factory – #1 competitor of wholesale Indian hair vendors

6. Final thought – Raw indian hair vendors

When considering Indian hair suppliers, all 7 vendors mentioned boast strong reputations for quality, affordability, and exceptional customer service. Their hair extensions and wigs, crafted from 100% natural human hair, come in various colors, textures, and lengths to suit diverse preferences.

Furthermore, these suppliers offer personalized hair styling and coloring services, ensuring each customer’s unique needs are met. With an unbeatable combination of quality, affordability, and customer care, the Top 7 raw Indian hair vendors stand out as ideal choices for anyone seeking premium hair products.

For those exploring additional options, Vietnamese Hair Vendors are renowned for their high-quality offerings at competitive prices, making them a noteworthy alternative to consider.

Lyn Hair Factory – Top #1 Vietnamese Human Hair Factory

👉 IG: Lyn.hair_Official

👉 Whatsapp: +84.936.085.069

👉 Youtube: Lyn Hair Factory


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