7 Best Wholesale Raw Hair Vendors

7 Best Raw Hair Vendors in 2024 - (Top Offers)

Are you looking for a reputable raw hair supplier? Are you overwhelmed by the multitude of options available? Look no further. This article will give  you a clearer view about raw hair market, revealing the top  7 best raw hair vendors in the world based on the factor of brand popularity, customer satisfaction, product quality and price.

1. Overview about Wholesale raw hair vendors for your hair business

Feeling difficult while searching for a trustworthy raw hair supplier? Are the terms related to raw hair and hair classification adding to your confusion? Fear not, the information provided below will surely enlighten you.

1.2. What are Raw hair vendors?

Raw hair vendors are businesses that offer various types of raw hair at wholesale prices. Some of these vendors are renowned producers, commonly known as hair factories, while others function as traders or resellers, they are also raw virgin hair vendors, procure raw hair from various sources and then resell it. They act as intermediaries between producers and retailers.

What are Raw hair vendors
What are Raw hair vendors

Working with a reseller offers several benefits. Resellers typically have a large quantity of raw hair available and offer a wide variety of products sourced from different hair donors. Additionally, they can accommodate both retail and wholesale orders. On the other hand, producers maintain a higher standard of quality for their products but usually only sell in bulk quantities and sell only some certain types of products. Sometimes, the availability of their products is limited by their production capacity, necessitating advance orders for specific quantities of raw hair.

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1.3. Where does the best raw hair come from?

Raw hair, ideally, is cut in the same direction as it naturally grows from a single donor and then thoroughly cleansed before being put up for sale. Unlike processed hair, raw hair doesn’t undergo any treatment or alteration, which makes it the purest form of hair available in the market.

Raw and virgin human hair are sourced from various regions worldwide, with South Asian countries like Vietnam, India, and Cambodia being primary suppliers. Among them, Vietnamese raw hair stands out as the best in the market today, known for its smooth, silky texture, rich black melanin, and healthy from root to tips. Other popular raw hair types include Cambodian, Malaysian, Indonesian, and Burmese hair, each offering its own unique qualities.

Nowadays, when the need to use human wigs and human hair extensions becomes popular, good quality raw hair is sometimes scarce due to high demand and limited supply.

Where does the best raw hair come from
Where does the best raw hair come from

1.4. What does raw hair from Wholesale raw hair vendors look like?

First and foremost, qualified raw hair is 100% human hair that remains untouched by chemicals or mixing with other hair types. Unless specifically requested by the customer, processes like cutting, steaming, bleaching, or dyeing are not performed by the supplier.

As you’re aware, raw hair sourced from a single donor is often limited due to the individual’s hair volume constraints. Therefore, to obtain 100 – 200g of pure raw hair, suppliers must meticulously collect hair through a careful selection process.

There are two popular methods used to determine if hair is raw or not:

  • Scraping with a knife: This is the simplest method. Carefully scrape the surface of a hair strand with a knife. If it creates white powder, it’s raw hair. If it creates colored powder, it’s chemically treated hair and not raw hair.
  • Bleaching: Another method involves bleaching the hair. 

If the hair is 100% raw , it will bleach remarkably well, achieving the lightest tones effortlessly. This is a standout feature of raw hair. However, bleaching hair can be a bit complicated, so if you lack experience, it’s best to seek the help of an expert.

2. The type of raw hair bundles from raw hair manufacturers

Ever wonder why hair factories offer raw hair in all sorts of colors and styles, from blondes to burgundies, and from straight to curly? It seems strange because these styles must have been chemically treated to get those looks. But why do they still call it raw hair?

The type of raw hair bundles from raw hair manufacturers
The type of raw hair bundles from raw hair manufacturers

Well, there are actually two types of raw hair: original raw hair and processed raw hair. They are used for different purposes and have different features. Let’s dive in to understand these two common types of raw hair better.

2.1. Original raw hair (raw hair material)

Original raw hair, also known as 100% raw hair, refers to donor hair in its natural state, untouched by dyeing or perming. If the donor hair has undergone dyeing or perming treatments, it no longer qualifies as original raw hair.

Vietnamese raw hair is typically soft, smooth, with round strands, and naturally straight. In contrast, Indian raw hair tends to be a bit coarser, while Cambodian raw hair has a slight curl… Thus, natural raw hair from different countries and regions exhibits varying characteristics.

The natural raw hair is often collected by raw hair factory. They use this hair as a material and then process them into popular hair products like wigs, hair extensions, and hair bundles, which are then sold on the market to final users.

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2.2. Processed raw hair

Hence, it’s safe to say that the majority of raw hair available on the market has undergone some degree of processing.

  • Raw hair that is slightly processed:  With a light level of processing, raw hair will be cleaned and then processed to form popular hair extension products such as hair bundles, wigs, clip ins, ponytails… Alternatively, the hair may undergo the hot steam processed to create curls or waves hair…. at this level of treatment the hair maintains its original state, still retains the inherent characteristics of original, soft, smooth hair, and can be bleached to bright colors such as blonde, #613 color.
  • Raw hair that is chemically processed:  With chemical treatment, hair is dyed or bleached to create the color that customers require, which more or less affects the quality of the hair. Nevertheless, since it originates from raw hair, even after bleaching or dyeing, it remains softer, smoother, and healthier compared to hair sourced from remy or non-remy sources.

3. How to choose the best wholesale raw hair vendors?

Not every raw hair supplier can guarantee 100% authenticity in their products. So, here are some tips to help you find the ideal raw hair vendors:

3.1. Factors that make up a reputable raw hair supplier

Factors that make up a reputable raw hair supplier
Factors that make up a reputable raw hair supplier

Let’s explore three key traits of a trustworthy raw hair supplier:

Transparency: A reputable supplier shares all pertinent information such as business licenses, product pricing, purchase and shipping policies, and warranties openly with customers.

Open Communication: A good hair vendor is always available to answer questions and provide necessary information promptly. They value clear communication and transparency in the wholesale hair market.

Professional Customer Service: Unlike unreliable suppliers who prioritize profit over customer satisfaction, reputable vendors ensure a positive buying experience from sales to post-purchase customer service.

3.2. How to find raw hair vendors ?

Follow these steps, along with Lyn Hair to find raw hair vendors:

Compile a List of Hair Vendors: Quickly identify potential suppliers who offer the products you need before narrowing down your options.

Evaluate Suppliers: Reach out, inquire, and assess which suppliers truly meet the criteria of a reputable hair supplier.

Test Samples: While some may overlook this step, it’s crucial. Testing samples allows you to compare the quality of products from different suppliers firsthand.

Choose the Best: Trust your judgment and select the provider that meets your standards after thorough testing. Believe in your choice for a successful hair business journey.

4. Top 7 best raw hair vendors in the world

With so many companies and brands offering their own unique selection of hair, it can be difficult to know what are the best raw hair companies and which ones provide the best value for your money. Here are our top raw human hair vendors wholesale to consider when looking for the perfect hair for your needs.

4.1. Lyn Hair: Best raw Vietnamese hair vendor

Lyn Hair Best Vietnamese raw wholesale hair
Lyn Hair Best Vietnamese raw wholesale hair

Lyn Hair is considered one of the best Vietnamese raw hair vendors. With over a decade of experience, by 2024, Lyn Hair will boast a monthly supply capacity of 10 tons. Serving as the primary raw hair bundles vendors for numerous hair businesses worldwide, including those in America, Mexico, Russia, Spain, as well as African nations like Nigeria, Ghana, and South Africa….

Come to Lyn Hair, customers have a wide range of raw hair options including raw hair, bundles, wigs, closures, and frontals, available in popular lengths ranging from 8 to 32 inches.

With a meticulous selection and  process, raw hair from Lyn Hair Factory received positive feedback  from customers globally. The hair is entirely chemical-free,  softness and smoothness, suitable for various purposes such as bleaching, curling, and dyeing, all while maintaining exceptional quality.

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4.2. Nadula- Raw brazilian hair vendors

Nadula- premium quality Brazilian hair supplier
Nadula- premium quality Brazilian hair supplier

Nadula is a premium-quality Brazilian hair supplier that is taking the beauty industry by storm. A full range of products is available, including wigs, extension hair, closure pieces, etc. Their Brazilian hair is known for its superior quality, lasting strength, and natural beauty. Their hair is soft, luxurious, and incredibly versatile. To suit any style, they offer a variety of textures, colors, and designs.

The Brazilian hair offered by Nadula is free of any synthetic materials. This means the hair is all-natural and of the highest quality. The hair is also sourced from responsibly managed hair farms, ensuring the health and well-being of the workers. In addition, it undergoes thorough inspection and testing in order to ensure that the highest quality standards are met.

4.3. Honest Hair Factory: Raw hair bundles vendors of Chinese hair

Honest Hair Factory wholesale supplier of Chinese hair
Honest Hair Factory wholesale supplier of Chinese hair

Hair is an important part of our overall look, and the Honest Hair Factory is the go-to source for high-quality Chinese hair. They are a wholesale supplier of Chinese hair extensions, wigs, and other hair accessories. With their extensive selection of products and competitive prices, it’s no surprise that Honest Hair Factory has become a popular choice for individuals and businesses alike.

They use only natural human hair that has not been processed or treated with any chemicals, resulting in a product that is soft, glossy, and luxurious. The hair is also thick and full, making it ideal for achieving the perfect look.

4.4. Queen Hair – Wholesale Raw Virgin Hair

Queen Hair – Wholesale Raw Virgin Hair
Queen Hair – Wholesale Raw Virgin Hair

When it comes to finding the best quality raw hair, Queen Hair is the name you can trust. With over a decade of expertise in the hair extension industry, Queen Hair has earned a reputation for providing the finest quality raw hair that is unrivaled in terms of quality, texture, and longevity.

Queen Hair provides a wide range of raw hair extensions, including Brazilian, Indian, Malaysian, and Peruvian hair. Whatever your style or hair type, you will find the perfect raw hair from Queen Hair to suit your needs. All hair extensions are available in a variety of natural colors, textures, and lengths so that you can choose the perfect style to match your own.

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4.5. Guangzhou Fabulous Hair – Honest raw hair supplier

Guangzhou Fabulous Hair – best raw hair vendor
Guangzhou Fabulous Hair – best raw hair vendor

Guangzhou Fabulous Hair, known as raw human hair suppliers, specializes in supplying top-grade, cuticle-intact hair with absolutely no synthetic material. This process ensures that Guangzhou Fabulous Hair’s products are the most natural and healthy on the market while offering unparalleled longevity and durability. Guangzhou Fabulous Hair’s raw hair is available in a variety of textures, ranging from straight to curly, kinky, and wavy, and can be manipulated to create any desired look.

This raw human hair supplier is highly committed to providing excellent customer service and working to meet the needs of every individual customer. 

4.6. Temple Hair Factory: Best raw hair vendors in India

Temple Hair Factory A Trusted Source for Indian Raw Hair wholesale (1)
Temple Hair Factory A Trusted Source for Indian Raw Hair wholesale (1)

Temple Hair, an Indian raw hair factory, is the next supplier on our list. They are considered one of the most honest raw hair companies in the industry.

Those seeking the best raw hair companies or the best Indian raw virgin hair companies may consider Temple Hair as an alternative. They source their raw Indian hair from South Indian temples and export it to various destinations such as the UAE, UK, and the US. However, when purchasing India hair in bulk wholesale, it’s critical to exercise caution since not all of the hair they supply is raw, and some may not be dyeable.

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4.7. Apsara hair – One of the best raw cambodian hair vendors

Apsara hair - One of the best raw cambodian hair vendors
Apsara hair – One of the best raw cambodian hair vendors

Apsara Hair brings to customers an extensive array of Cambodian hair selections to maximize their investment potential. Much like Indian hair, Cambodian hair boasts affordability without compromising on quality.

Apsara Hair offerings include wholesale bundles of raw virgin hair, featuring popular textures such as Straight, Curly, and Wavy. Perfect for beginners, enthusiasts, and stylists alike, Apsara Hair ensures you have the perfect options to suit your needs.

5. Why should you choose Lyn Hair Factory as your raw hair vendor?

Selecting a raw human hair vendor  is a crucial decision, and there are numerous factors to consider. However, Lyn Hair Factory can be your  best raw hair vendor for some resons: 

  • Quality Assurance: Lynhair prioritizes quality above all else. Their commitment to sourcing the finest raw hair ensures that your products meet the highest standards, leaving your customers satisfied.
  • Reliability and Experience: With a wealth of experience spanning over 10 years, Lynhair has established itself as a trusted name in the industry. 
  • Diverse Product Range: Lynhair offers a diverse range of raw hair options, including raw hair, bundles, wigs, closures, and frontals. This extensive selection allows you to cater to a wide range of customer preferences and demands.
  • Lyn Hair has a friendly and enthusiastic sales team: Customers consistently rave about their attentive, honest, and prompt assistance. Whether you have inquiries about  products or services, their team is ready to provide immediate and helpful responses. Now you can contact them on Whatsapp: +84.936.085.069 to get quick responde. 
  • Good price: Contact Lyn Hair via their whatsapp number, you will get a wholesale price list of the coarse hair category. The price of Lyn Hair’s raw hair products is relatively good compared to the quality of their products, ensuring you can earn 2,3 or 4 times the profit when distributing in your country.

6. Conclusion

Raw hair is considered high quality hair in the hair extension market. It is sought after and loved by women all over the world due to its outstanding advantages in terms of softness, strength, and shine. If you’re in search of a reputable raw hair supplier, look no further than the top 7 best raw hair vendors listed above.

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